Japadog @ st. marks new york city

after watching the knicks got brutally killed by the sixers we headed to Yakitori Totto. unfortunately it wasnt open til 5pm!!! so sadddd!! we really wanted it. pork belly decided to get some japadog first. so we headed to st. marks. in case you don’t know, st. marks is where all (most) the japanese food at.

they are jus basically overpriced ($10) hotdogs with some JDM twist. pork belly ordered me the wrong one so i didnt like it much. he ordered me the fried potato one but i originally wanted the spicy one… the worst one you can possibly order? lol. anyways, i did like the wasabi mayo and the seaweed fries.

this place gets 3/5 bunny belly

knicks game was soooo boring to watch. we had great floor seats (worth $400+ each), but we didn’t enjoy the game. knicks sucked really bad and knicks fan were so dead. i like celtics game so much better especially surrounded by all crazy lakers fans @ celtics vs. lakers game!

here is a pic i took:

30 St Marks PL
Manhattan, NY 10003
(646) 476-2324

Japadog on Urbanspoon


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