New World Mall Food Court @ Flushing Queens, NY

last weekend, pork belly and i went to NYC to watch a knicks game. (yea they suck). we heard flushing has super authentic chinese food, so we headed over there. after a mil of transfers and 2+ hours train ride (due to constructions) we finally arrived to flushing!!!
the food court:

the new world mall food court was pretty awesome. they had a huge selection of chinese food. they were all pretty authentic. we were so physched and wanted to try everything, but since pork belly and i have been on diet recently, our belly filled up quickly.

we love ma la (spicy) xiang guo (pot). so we had this

happy pork belly 🙂

it was so goooood. def comparable to the ones in china! highly recommended.

we were also looking for some shan xi bun + beef, but couldnt find it so we settled for this tian jin joint. it tastes better than it looks. loved it!

after we had ma la xiang guo, i couldnt wait for some desserts because i saw man ji desserts. man ji desserts is a chain in china. it’s so good.

i got yang zhi gan lu (mango + orange thingy). super rich mango taste!!! must try!! love it!!

and this milky icey + mango + sticky rice thingy.

we also got green tea with milk from kung fu tea place. wasn’t good.

after we left the food court, we saw this chuan er xiang jiang bbq cart on the corner of the street. although pork belly and bunny belly were super full already, we got 2 anyways but you just cant pass on that.

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! this is freaking amazing! this lamb chuan er is evenn better than the average chuan er in beijing!!!!!! the meat is so juicyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh man, flushing is freaking heaven when it comes to authentic chinese food!!!!!!!!!! they have very similar food courts in vacouver when i visited last winter. im so glad that i found another not too far from boston. pork belly and i were super satisfied. we can’t wait to go back again!
this place gets 1000000000/5 bunny belly!

4021 Main St
Flushing, NY 11354

after flushing we went to time square to take some night shots to test out the new leica f22 flash that porky belly just purchased for me

5 thoughts on “New World Mall Food Court @ Flushing Queens, NY

  1. Hi bunny! Thanks for finding my blog, I love that this way I found yours 🙂
    New World Mall is a favorite of ours, I actually have a few new pics from there to post asap. However, I find that every time we (my husband and I) go we get almost the same foods – part because we like them and part because we’re overwhelmed / uneducated :)) I love how that pancake (is it a pancake?) looks, is it filled with beef? Love Chinese food, all regions – stay tuned! – but apparently there’s so much we still don’t know about it.

  2. holy cow! this looks so good!! we just discovered new world mall a few weeks ago and the food court was amazing. it took me 20 minutes to finally decide on a food stall and go with a pork ma la stew. can’t remember what the stall was called though…

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