Macarons @ Sportello Boston, MA

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today on my way to work, i stopped by sportello and picked up these macaroons. there are not many macaron places in boston, so i wanted to go there for a while to try. there were only three flavors available, so i bought two of each. i was disappointed because they are nothing like real macarons. i liked the¬†pistachio ones the best although it tastes more like almond than pistachio. the brown one is chocolate one. the pink one is ?? maybe raspberry? the pink one has some jam-like fillings which i don’t like. i only like creamy fillings. they are hard, dry, chewy. the filling in the chocolate one is pretty buttery other than creamy. they didn’t taste horrible but they are bad macarons to me. i like macarons that are creamy, soft, chewy, and rich. i would not go back again for macarons.

these cost $1.5 per piece. relatively cheap comparing to other macaron places.

2 thoughts on “Macarons @ Sportello Boston, MA

  1. It is a shame…a good macaroon should just melt in your mouth. Hopefully you will find a good one. New Hampshire doesn’t have a good place for them either.

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