Macarons @ Macaron Sweeterie Boston Lexington, MA

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there are not many macaron places in boston. so far in boston, i have had macarons from LA burdick chocolate, sportello, and this place. out of these three, hands down, macaron sweeterie is def the best. the passion fruit one is a must try. it became my second favorite macaron (no.1 favorite macaron is this white chocolate macaron from soho NYC). i thought fruity macarons wouldnt taste too good but i was totally wrong! passion fruit ones were amazinnnnnnnnngggggggggg!!! loved itttttt!!!!! fruits flavored macarons usually have jam-like filling that i hate, but this one has cream fillings. so good!! it just melted in my mouth!! some flavors were kinda hard and dry though but i still liked them. the store is pretty far from boston and their hours are really short. they close at 6pm on weekdays and they do not open on sundays and mondays. it is pretty hard for me the make it to the store during their hours which is kinda good so my wallet stays nice and fat and i stay relatively skinny :))

this is the passion fruit one:

the store carries getalo too. the mango sorbet is orgamstic. i cannot describe it in words. it’s beyond heaven.

this place gets 5/5 bunny belly.

One thought on “Macarons @ Macaron Sweeterie Boston Lexington, MA

  1. I freakin love macarons!! Reading your recent posts makes me really want to go to Boston- I actually will be sometime next year, so I’ll be checking up with this blog before I go!

    I also love the fact that you’re bf is named ‘Pork Belly’,
    You guys are ridiculously cute. Ridiculously.

    And Thanks so much for the follow! I really do appreciate it!

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