Thai Food @ Brown Sugar Cafe Boston Brookline, MA

today is the first day that boston hits the 70s this spring. my bff sherry is on a vegetarian diet, so our lunch choices are limited. we decided to go to brown sugar cafe to get some thai food since i haven’t been to this place forever. i went to college in syracuse, i had the best thai food in america there. the thai places in boston are just mehhhh.

the bff can’t have meat so we ordered the tofu triangles with peanut sauce for appetizer.

i ordered the green curry with chicken, the chicken was dry, but the curry was alright.

the bff had veggie pad thai. it looked kinda bland, but it actually tasted alright. i never get pad thai i have no idea why. i don’t think i can possibly finish an entire portion of pad thai. i would feel super nauseous because it’s sweet.

oh last but not least! thai iced tea!!! pure heaven

if you are a vegetarian, make sure you tell the waiter that do not put any fish sauce. the cook pretty much everything with fish sauce.

btw, i had diarrhea not long after i left the restaurant. being the first meal of the day, i am sure it was the meal i just had from brown sugar cafe. the diarrhea wasn’t bad. i have pooped like 4 times. i don’t mind as long as i am not super sick because i just pooped everything out = no weight gain?? loool i am sorry I’m sick i know 🙂

this place gets 3.5/5 bunny belly

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