Mamma Maria @ North End Boston, MA

went there with pork belly for din din last month on a friday night. according to yelp, its the most romantic restaurant. the restaurant is a house, pretty cozy, intimate, and quiet, but i wouldn’t say it is the most romantic restaurant.

i have to say the best i had all night was the bread with the pesto sauce lol. i love love pesto. everything with pesto is just simply amazing. their pesto was freshly homemade.

we also ordered carpaccio which was decent.

we didnt enjoy our entrees as much though. i ordered rabbit pasta which was only ok. kinda salty so i couldnt finish it. the bunny meat didnt taste that fresh hmmm. my pork belly ordered crab and clams pasta, he thought it was only ok, kinda bland and soggy. my wine was ok.

the meal was ok, i do not think i would go back again.

this place gets 2.5/5 bunny belly

3 North Square
Boston, MA 02113

Mamma Maria on Urbanspoon


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