Chicken and Rice @ 53rd and 6th Halal Cart New York

pork belly never had chicken and rice before, so when we were in NYC two weeks ago i had to take him to get some famous chicken and rice @ 53rd and 6th Halal Cart! the thing about chicken and rice is that, it doesn’t taste super amazing the first time u have it, but it ll hit u hardcore couple days later and u ll be craving for it ever since. my friends crazy raved about chicken and rice and the first time when i had i was like ‘umm this is pretty good, but i don’t see why it is that good.’ but couple days later, i was like man, i really want some chicken and rice!!!

the exactly same reaction from pork belly. when he was eating it two weeks ago, he was like ‘yea it’s good, but i don’t see why ppl are cray abt it.’ two days later during lunch time, pork belly txted and said yea i want some chicken and rice.

i dont kno why this happens! the only reason i can come up with is ‘maybe, they put crack in it’? jk. it is comfort food. if you never had it, please try, and you ll probably be hooked too.

1. the white sauce and the hot sauce are the KEYS TO HEAVEN. put as much as you can on it!!! they have tubes of the sauces on the side!
2. get the lamb and chicken combo, the lamb is only better than the chicken!
3. eat it while it is still hot!!
4. if you wanna take it to go, ask them to put the lid on top, otherwise you have to seal it yourself!
5. they only come out at night and the line is always always long. bundle up!
6. it is super cheap. probably $6 bux? the best $6 you ll ever spend! they only take cash$$ (duh)

pork belly got the lamb one:

i got the lamb and chicken combo: (yea, i didn’t put a lot sauces on it cuz they already sealed it and put in a bag for me, i didn’t want to take it out and it might get cold.)

it def deserves a close-up pic:


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