Boston Restaurant Week @ Bistro du Midi Back Bay

we went to bistro du midi for restaurant week tonight. i wasnt impressed by the food, but the service was great. the waiter was super attentive and polite. my water/wine was never less than half full. we lost track of time at the end of meal cuz we were too drawn into our convo and it was already mid-night; nobody ever rushed us or made us feel uncomfortable of staying.

the ambience is supposed to be romantic and classy, but i felt really comfortable and cozy.

we started off with a bottle of riesling. and… here comes the food:

steamed mussels, fennel, tomato, garlic cream. this was iight. mussels were kinda sandy but relatively fresh. they werent well cleaned i think.

pan-seared hake, fricassee of mushrooms, asparagus, tomato confit, thyme and lemon-infused borth

when i go to a restaurant for the first time, i wanna discover something new. i usually try to avoid ordering hake because hake is super easy to make. it tastes similar in every restaurant and you cannot mess it up. just steam hake with soy sauce it tastes super good. i ordered it tonight because i didnt like other choices that they offered.
the hake was cooked just right and i bet you know what it tastes like.

my friend Stella (hi !! Stella) had this pan-roasted stater chicken, polenta, castelvetrano olives. she said it was iight

my dessert, the best thing ive had all night and probably one of the best desserts iv had in a restaurant recently. -> ginaduja palette, hazelnut ice cream
oh la la it was so good. super creamy and rich hazelnut flavor!!! loved it!

this place gets 3/5 bunny belly.

272 Boylston St
(between Hadassah Way & Arlington St)
Boston, MA 02116

Bistro du Midi on Urbanspoon


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