Chillen @ Myung Dong 1st Ave Allston Boston, MA

we went to myung dong for the 1st time in months. we used to come here a lot last summer, but somehow we got tired of it. it’s more like a bar than a korean restaurant to me, but you have to order food with your drinks according to their policy. MD is also packed esp after 8:30 on weekends. they play mostly k-pop music videos along with some american music videos.

although i like the spicy chicken wings, i suggest dont come here if you just want korean food because their food is just mehhhhhh average. come here for soju or jus a fun place to hang out.


i do like the spicy chicken wings. good drinking food.

chicken gizzards. no matter which group of friends i come here with, they always always order this.
i dont like it. i hate the texture and the taste. yesterday was worse.

this was below average.

here comes the soju. yogurt and grape soju

strawberry soju being my fave

we are done. love em edamames

90-92 Harvard Ave
Allston, MA 02134

Myung Dong 1st Avenue on Urbanspoon


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