Lobster Roll @ B&G Oysters South End Boston, MA + Night Out @ The Liquor Store Downtown Boston, MA

i had din din with my girls at the b&g oysters last night in south end. the restaurant is relatively small and the atmosphere is very causal and laid back.

this is another barbara lynch restaurant which means great wine list to me!!! unfortunately i was too drunk the night before and felt sick so i did not try their wine. bummer.

so there kicked in my coke cravings. i freaking love coke.

this olive oil was very interesting. im not saying i loved it, it’s just different from what i usually have. it’s like you can really taste.. olives.. like fresh olives.

i HATE hate hate!! oysters. i simply hate hate the texture. the nastiest feeling my mouth ever felt. so no oysters.

spottail bass. this was pretty tasty actually. i enjoyed it.

here comes the lobster roll that everybody raves abt:

i also had the BLT with lobster. this tasted pretty much what i expected. lobster was juicy, fresh, plump. bacon is bacon. i felt that the bread couldve been a lil bit better. fries were normal. pickles were good. this didnt wow me, but it was good.

a closer pic of them lobsters

a closer pic of them fries. i consider myself a messy eater. i had one of these green thingy from the fries hanging on my face for the rest of the night and none of my girls told me about it. thanks girls.

me and my b.l.t. lobster. who looks better

this place gets 3.5/5 bunny belly.

550 Tremont St
(between Hanson St & Waltham St)
Boston, MA 02116

plus a few pix from the night before:

we went the liquor store in downtown boston. i freaking hated it. lame crowd. extremely loud music that the entire ground was shaking. i felt super deaf the second day.

B & G Oysters on Urbanspoon


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