Lobster Roll @ Neptune Oyster North End Boston, MA

to celebrate the first day the bff can finally eat meat, i took her to neptune oyster to get some lobster roll.
i freaking hate north end restaurants. 95% of them are all tourist traps. i wonder what do ppl on yelp eat all day, mcdonald’s!? i also had my worst worst worst dinning experience @ one of the north end restaurants.

neptune does not take reservations and it is always a long wait. we walked in and the host took our name and phone number down and told us it would be an hour wait and she ll call us when the table is ready.

while waiting, we went to get some gelato. the girl recommended the tiramisu flavor. horrrrible man. one of the worst ive ever had. freaking costs $5 bux and we had like two bites and then straight to trash.

only about 20 minutes passed by, i got a call from neptune so we headed back to neptune. we got seated at the bar. the place is tiny and cramped.

my view:

crab claws.

i hate oyster and i have said that 100000 times already. the bff wasnt a big fan but she decided to try it since they are known for good oysters. she ordered one:

after she had the first one, she immediately fell in love. she said it’s really fresh and not one bit of fishyness. the taste of ocean. she almost convinced me to have one. after struggling, i still said no. then she wanted another one in a diff kind:

for app: yellowfin tuna with avocado spread, iggy’s baguette, citrus aioli, ginger. man it was delishhhhh!!! tuna + avocado are my two fave things on earth = what a deadly combo!! its a bit pricey though. it’s tiny and the price tag was $17 (man now i wish i won the mega mil)

i cant help to post a closer pic. sowwie

here comes the hot lobster roll with butter! this was delish as well. i def like it better than b&g oyster’s BLT lobster. fries were way better than b&g oyster’s too!! so satisfying!!!

a closer shot

we def enjoyed our meal and the bff def loved it. she told me like 20 times how she loved the lobster roll and the oysters. shes’s a little exaggerating since she didnt have meat for a month. pretty much everything would make her happy lol. i wanna try everything; i will take pork belly here as soon as he’s in town.

this place gets 4.5/5 bunny belly

63 Salem St
(between Cross St & Morton St)
Boston, MA 02113

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One thought on “Lobster Roll @ Neptune Oyster North End Boston, MA

  1. I feel exactly the same way about restraunts in the North End, I’ve had the worst dinner of my life and didn’t even make it to Fan Hall before my body rejected it. I loooooveee Neptune Oyster it’s my fav place in Boston and I live in the South End. have you Been to Franklin Cafe in South End? Amaziinggg!! love the blog. Chweck out mine 🙂 cheers

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