French Macarons and Cupcakes @ The Sweet Lobby Capitol Hill Washington, DC

my lovely pork belly aka the best bf in the world surprised me with macarons and cupcakes from the sweet lobby with this cutie peng peng from hallmark

they actually won the cupcake wars. he got me the Mango Cream, Green Tea Pistachio, Pineapple Inside Out, Vanilla Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut. pork belly loves the green tea pistachio one. well he loves everything green tea. i personally love the yellow one which is the mango cream. i like the pineapple inside out: oven-roasted pineapples give this cupcake its distinctive ‘pineapple upside down cake’ flavor. Topped with cream cheese frosting and toasted shredded coconut. the strawberry cupcake from sprinkles is still my all time favorite, but the sweet lobby def beats everything else.

the frosting is very buttery instead of sugary and i think they stole the cake recipe from sprinkles because it tastes pretty much like sprinkles.

the green tea pistachio that pork belly loves


i actually like their macarons. i dont think they are authentic french macarons but i like them because they dont have the heavy almond flour taste that a lot macarons have. i like the pink and white combo one the best. i dislike the darker green one cuz it tastes like vodka. i know. weird.

they have tons weird flavors. some of the flavors: Hazelnut Praline Salted Caramel, Red Hot Chili Chocolate, Passionfruit Milk Chocolate, Spicy Curry Mango, Caramel, Pistachio, Rose, Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, Red Velvet, Green Tea, Lemon-Raspberry, Orange-Ginger, Sweet Potato, Raspberry, Cappuccino, Guava, and Coconut!

i like this one too:

they post the flavors of the day on their facebook page, you can check it before heading to the store.

my pork belly and baby peng peng <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

my verdict
the sweet lobby > sprinkles > georgetown cupcakes

this place gets 5/5 bunny belly!

404 8th St SE
(between S D St & S E St)
Washington, DC 20003
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill/Southeast

10 thoughts on “French Macarons and Cupcakes @ The Sweet Lobby Capitol Hill Washington, DC

  1. Oh Yum, I could get into some serious trouble if they were located close to where I live!
    Can you put on calories looking at a computer screen LOL? (they look THAT good LOL).

  2. The cupcakes and macarons look great! Cupcakes are my favorite. I have actually never had a macaron. The flavors are intriguing. I wish I could have a sample bite of each one, a cupcake/macaron tasting instead of wine tasting! Keep up the good work! and thanks for the “like”.

  3. Oh wow! Those look delicious! I should have checked this out before I was in DC! Have a wonderful afternoon & next time I’m in the DC area, I know where to look for some great restaurant advice! 🙂

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