Thai Food @ Bangkok 54 Arlington, VA

pork belly aka the best bf eversu’s sis is getting married tmr. we came to bangkok 54 for din din after rehearsal today.

the food was above average i’d say. well decorated although it looks kinda ghetto from outside.

i had a glass of riesling at the bar while waiting the group to arrive. didnt like it. i also had thai iced tea but it was too sweet and i could barely taste the tea.

the menu for our group:

calamari: where is the salt and pepper as described?

tum yum: i hate when all the lemongrass or all the herbs are still in the soup. i had to spit them out arggg. besides that it tastes normal.

duck curry: fave dish of the night. bold and flavorful.

shrimp pad thai: this was below average. tasted weird to me

pad cha from the sea: a bit too spicy and salty.. in a bad way.

snow peas: yay greens

this place gets 3.5/5 bunny belly

2919 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA 22204

Bangkok 54 on Urbanspoon

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