Crawfish @ Chasin’ Tails Crawfish Arlington, VA Alternative to the Boiling Crab

when pork belly and i visited cali last year we loved the boiling crab there; we have been looking for an alternative to the boiling crab around VA and MA ever since. we have tried the Hot N Juicy Crawfish in DC but it was iight. the crawfish was wayy too small and the taste wasnt cutting it.
this louisiana crawfish and seafood joint just opened in arlington so pork belly and i decided to go for a visit.
we ordered the bayou catch special which consists of crawfish, clams, mussels, shrimps, snow crab legs, corns, potatoes, and andouille sausages. we ordered it with the whole shebang sauce and hot. they also have whole shebang @ the boiling crab.

i liked the shrimps a lot. they are nice and big. the crawfish was good too. well cleaned and not sandy. i didnt really like the snow crab legs. wayyy too salty. corns and potatoes were yummmm.

the whole shebang sauce was really salty. i had six glasses of coke and felt nauseous afterwards.

ask for a bib cuz the sauce and juice will get everywhere. it would be a messy meal so please dont come here for first dates.

the service was really good. the waitress kept bring me refills of coke without me even asking for it.

2200 N Westmoreland St
Arlington, VA 22213
(703) 538-2565

Chasin' Tails: Cajun Seafood & Bar on Urbanspoon


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