Macarons @ Silva’s Patisserie Vienna, VA

i was craving for some macarons today and trying to get pork belly take me to sweet lobby. he felt lazy and refused to drive me all the way to DC, so we searched for a place thats closer to pork belly’s house. it’s also on our way to our din din at Maple Ave.

but guess what? i found the worst macaron place ever. the macarons were awfullll. omg seriously. first they looked really artificial and excessively colored, but i thought how bad can it be so i bought one of each. they weren’t cheap. almost $2 each. but oh man, they are super bad. super artificial sugary weird tasting.

i also got the mocha brownie thingy. meh it was average. the two chocolate truffles werent good either.

please run away from this place.

i dont want to provide you with the address, but

167 Glyndon St SE
Vienna, VA 22180
(703) 255-6880


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