East Ocean City @ Chinatown, Boston, MA

we came here last night before the celtics game. it was my first time there. the inside looks a lot of nicer than most of restaurants in chinatown. i think it’s a seafood restaurant, but a friend of mine doesnt really like seafood so we only ordered fish.

yang zhou chao fan – fried rice

dry green beans

peking duck – well im from beijing and its where peking duck’s originated duh. this is def not authentic. this is the duck skin only and then they stir fry the duck meat. the skin’s pretty crispy

the stir fried duck meat

they also give you pancakes to wrap everything up. it didnt taste bad at all. i kinda liked it.

fish. it was mehhh

id like to try their seafood next time!

this place gets 3/5 bunny belly.

27 Beach St
(at Harrison Ave)
Boston, MA 02111

(617) 542-2504

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