Brunch @ Shangri-la Boston, Belmont, MA

pork belly and i came to shangri-la for lunch saturday. we were very excited abt it after reading good reviews about this place. the place was packed and we had to wait outside for about 30 mins.
man, i hate places that arent even that good and you have to wait in line for!
this is one of them!!
when i saw their menu, the stuff looked so americanized. a lot of rice plates and pork chop?!
ok so we went with the beef noodle and beef pancakes that other ppl raved about.

beef pancake. this was ok. the one from Chung Shin Yuan was wayyyyy better as i remembered.
they give a lot of meat. the ‘pancake’ is crispy, but lack of flavors i guess. and the shell was a lil bit hard.

the beef noodle soup was mehhh. the soup was good and flavorful but salty. they gave a lot of meat which was good. the meat’s tender. BUT how can you sell noodle soup without handmade noodle!!!! why would i eat noodle in a restaurant if it is the same cheap low-quality noodle that you can buy from any chinese super market?! the noodle was garbage. it’s ‘gua mian’! soggy and not chewy! any place in china that sells noodle has handmade noodles even the most ghetto places. who eats ‘gua mian’ nowadays. even my dad makes his own noodles!!!!

pork belly w/his beefu noodle soup

‘you tiao’ – im not too cray about this. pork belly likes them so he ordered one. ppl like to dip this in soy bean milk. i also hate chinese soy bean milk. the soy bean taste is too strong! dislike.

this place was average, but no way im gonna wait 30 mins outside for this jank.
don’t think i will return.

this place gets 3/5 pork belly

149 Belmont St
Belmont, MA 02478
(617) 489-1488

Shangri-la on Urbanspoon


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