Dinner @ Atlantic Fish Company

a friend of mine was in town and she wanted to eat oysters. id love to take her to neptune and B&G oysters , but we didnt want to wait in line because of the bad weather.
i picked atlantic fish company because they had reservation available. the earliest was 8:30pm. pork belly had two interviews the second morning so we were trying not to stay out too late, so i told my friend to be there around 8 and we could probably be seated when we arrive. our plan failed. we got there exactly at 8pm and i told the host that i had a reservation for 8:30. altho the restaurant was kinda full but i still spotted a few empty tables. the host looked she DID NOT want to work AT ALL. she simply told me you have to wait til 830 because thats what she had on the reservation. she was laughing/chatting with other wait staff and did not pay any attention to us after while we were standing by the door for 30 mins. i felt angry because every time i arrived early to other restaurants they all had us seated right away when there were tables available.
so we were finally seated around 8:30. although the waiter was polite, the service was incredibly SLOWwwwwwwwwwwww!!
i wanted to try Lobster Fra Diavolo but it looked bland on yelp pictures, so pork belly and i order the New England Lobster Feast which serves two people. it includes a 2 lb. steamed lobster served with clam chowder,
mussels, steamers, corn on the cob, and new potatoes

their clam chowder is rated no.1 in boston. mehh i thought it was kinda watery. didnt see anything special abt it.

New England Lobster Feast- omg this was such a rip off!!!!! i dont need to describe the taste. it taste like whatever you buy from a grocery store and boil it at home with water. there is no other taste other than the original taste of the seafood which i dont blame them because it’s what it supposed to be. BUT the steamers!! OMGGGGG!!!! SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPERSUPERSUPERSUPERSUPERSUPERSUPERSUPERSUPERSUPERSUPERSUPERSUPERSUPERSUPERSUPERSUPERSUPERSUPER SANDY SANDYSANDYSANDYSANDYSANDYSANDYSANDYSANDY SANDY SANDYSANDY SANDYSANDY!!!
i was like wtfffff so i thought umm maybe there is a part that we arent supposed to eat like the sand/shit bag. so i asked the waiter. he told me that i could eat the whole thing but i can take of the tail if i want and i was supposed rinse in the broth before i eat it so the sand can be rinsed out. he apologized that the person that brought us the broth never told us. pork belly even asked the person what the broth was, she jus said broth. she didnt tell us what it was for. and pork belly told me it was soup wtfff!

so i tried another one after i took off the tail and rinsed it in the broth. wtffffff still super super super sandy!!!! like i am literally eating sand. we did NOT touch the rest of them. i felt super ripped off! this dish was $87, i felt we wasted at least $35!!!! shouldnt you at least clean them??! even some of the mussels tasted sandy but it was bearable.

this place feels like legal seafood with a huge big price tag maybe even worse. man, i will NEVER return to this place due to sucky ripped off food and ignorant service.

this place gets -1000000/5 bunny belly.

761 Boylston St
(between Exeter St & Fairfield St)
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 267-4000

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