Lunch @ Sichuan Gourmet Boston Brookline, MA

pork belly and i were on our way to FuGaKyu to get some sushi before watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi Documentary (btw it’s pretty interesting.) sunday, but we saw sichuan gourmet and i was like ummmm that looks good too. i never got my spicy fish fix on friday so we changed our mind immediately.
this was my second time here. their food is somewhat americanized than other sichuan restaurants, but i find the ingredients are relatively fresh. the place is huge and you never have to wait! yes yes yes!!!

my porky belly w/ cutie face impatiently waiting for foooda

porky belly’s fave fried spicy sichuan chicken. this is not authentic at all but doesnt taste too bad.

green stuff

ta-da! my fave spicy sichuan fish!!!! love it with rice!

this place gets 3.5/5 bunny belly

1004 Beacon St
Brookline, MA 02446
(617) 277-4226

after eating at sichuan gourmet, you can go to this japanese bakery called Japonaise Bakery and Cafe couple shops down for some desserts! their green tea milkshake is the best ive had in boston! they also carry mochi and other pastries. ice cream mochis are delish ummm umm umm. i grabbed mango and green tea ones!

Japonaise Bakery and Cafe
1020 Beacon St
Brookline, MA 02446
(617) 566-7730

Sichuan Gourmet on Urbanspoon


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