Online Ordered Cupcakes @ Georgetown Cupcake

pork belly ordered cupcakes from georgetown cupcake last year for my birfuday. whenever we drive by the shop in georgetown there is a huge line all the way down the street and i dont even see where it ends. so this place must must be amazing right?

mehh not really. they have a very huge and creative selection of cupcakes, but their cupcakes tend to be very sugary, heavy, sweet tasting.

i prefer sprinkles and the sweet lobby in DC than georgetown cupcake

im glad that i never waited in that cray line for this!


3301 M St NW
(between N 33rd St & N Bank St)
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 333-8448


5 thoughts on “Online Ordered Cupcakes @ Georgetown Cupcake

  1. Hubby and I stopped there one Sunday morning to get cupcakes to bring back to the family (mostly to say THANK YOU to my in-laws for staying with our boys so we could get away for the night). The line was super-long, and the cupcakes were over-priced but that was no surprise. The boys loved the cupcakes–but they like things on the sweet side. 🙂 Personally I thought their gluten free chocolate lava cupcake was heavenly.

  2. I went there when I was in DC this summer and I thought they were pretty good. But I agree with you, Sprinkles was better in my opinion. I guess I just like the more homemade taste than the store. It was a crazy line though. My friend who worked there over the summer told me a trick — you can order them online and then skip the line and go pick them up!

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