Online Ordered French Macarons from Macaron Cafe New York

pork belly ordered me some macarons from macaron cafe because there arent a lot of places that sell macarons in boston. we have searched a lot of place online and the macaron cafe from new york looks the best and have relatively low shipping rate. the bad thing about ordering food online is the shipping cost since they have to be shipped thru overnight or same day shipping. the shipping cost can be as much as the cost of the food itself or even more.

macaron cafe has a decent selection of flavors. since it’s been a while, i cannot remember what exactly they taste like. i just remember they didnt wow me but they didnt taste bad either.

if you can’t get macarons anywhere else, i’d give this place a try.

fyi, macarons taste the best at room temperature. they need to be refrigerated if you are not eating them. once you get them out of the fridge, wait 15-20 mins so they are at room temperature.

you can order online @
or come visit their New York stores including
625 Madison Ave. Entrance on 59th Street
and 161 West 36th Street between Broadway and 7th


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