Soup Dumplings Feast @ Jia Jia Tang Bao Shanghai, China THE BEST IN THE WORLD!

hey do you wanna know where has the best soup dumplings in the world?!

nanxiang bun shop in shanghai? Din Tai Fung? i hate to mention but joe’s shanghai? joe my ass (that place is straight up freaking garbage)!

NO!! none of these. and yes i have tried all of these and many more!!!

it’s JIA JIA TANG BAO in shanghai!!!!

this is place is absolutely amazing!!!!! beyond heaven, fireworks, orgasm!!!!!!!!! no words in dictionary can describe how good their soup dumplings are!!!!!!!

my friend lanlan took me to jia jia tang bao when i came to visit 2010 expo in shanghai. three of us (all girls) had a soup dumplings feast here. we came here two days straight!! if we stayed longer we would eat it everyday til the day we had to leave!!! thats how good this place is!

just look how much three girls ate:

their soup dumplings are made to order, so they all come out super nice and hot and fresh and steamy! they are super cheap! the cheapest ive ever had. one basket costs roughly 10-15 RMB which about $2 USD. amazing right? im not saying its good because it’s cheap. i would so pay for 5 times the price if i have to cuz they are super delish!

the skins are super thin yet they still can hold the meat and soup inside. none of the skins stick on the tray or break. they are not oily at all so when you suck the soup out of dumpling it tastes super fresh, delish, flavorful, bold!!!!

the pork and crab meat one: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! best ever!!!!!!!! orgasmatic!!!! my mouth is still watering right nao while i am thinking about this. (it’s been 2 yrs too!)
the crab flavor is so bold and strong! super heaven deliciousness!

they also have so many flavors. corn, crab, mushroom, or jus pure pork and a lot of more!

if you happened to be in shanghai, please stop by this place.

they have multiple locations; the one we went to was on tibet road.

25 thoughts on “Soup Dumplings Feast @ Jia Jia Tang Bao Shanghai, China THE BEST IN THE WORLD!

  1. Omg that serving looks crazy!!!! hahah!!! I’ve had trouble finding good dumplings, let alone really good ones, there’s not much of it in spain. There a few good restaurants but of course, how could you dream of competing with Shangai hahah….so lucky, awesome post! If i am ever in Shangai (which I hope to be haha) I am definetly going here

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