Soup Dumplings @ Nanxiang Mantou Dian (Nanxiang Bun Shop) Shanghai, China

i went to shanghai two years ago to visit to expo. i also wanted to hunt the best soup dumplings in town.

i stole this from “Shanghai-style xiaolongbao originated in Nanxiang, a suburb of Shanghai in the Jiading District. The inventor of xiaolongbao sold them in his first store in Nanxiang next to the town’s notable park, Guyi Garden.[citation needed] From there the xiaolongbao expanded into downtown Shanghai and outward.
Two specialist xiaolongbao restaurants are often regarded as the most authentic. One is Nanxiang Mantou Dian (Nanxiang Bun Shop), which derives from the original store in Nanxiang but is now located in the City God Temple precinct. It is famed for its crab-meat-filled buns. The other is Gulong Restaurant, at the original site next to Guyi Garden in Nanxiang.
Jia Jia Tan Bao next to the People’s Square makes many types and has a long queue waiting to order. Girls fold the dumplings in view from the restaurant.”

so the this is the cheng hua miao “Old Town God Temple area” where the nanxiang bun shop located. this is a tourist spot and none of the food is good seriously!!!

i got one of these:

super oily and wasnt freshly made. no good.
and we ordered some nanxiang soup dumplings. mehh ive had wayyyy better.

side to side comparison to the ones @ jia jia tang bao

jia jia tang bao has super thin skin while nanxiang has super thick skin. the skin is supposed be super thin while it can hold the juice and meat inside. thats why soup dumplings tend to break when you pick them up. soup dumplings from nanxiang are oily and jus not good at all.

read my review on jia jia tang bao – the best soup dumplings in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Soup Dumplings @ Nanxiang Mantou Dian (Nanxiang Bun Shop) Shanghai, China

  1. Thanks bunnyandporkbelly for liking my post about South Indian Gunpowder! Have you tried this blend before?

    I dig the straws poked right into the heart of the tangbao…China is great for just imagining something, ANYTHING edible (or~not) and having it be available somewhere. I was disappointed that in Chengdu the potato juice was sold out at the time, but hey, we’ve got potatoes on this side of the Pacific too!

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