The Most Traditional/Authentic Peking Roast Duck @ Quanjude Beijing, China

i was born in beijing, china, so i have been eating all kinds of beijing roast duck all throughout my life. peking duck has been around since the imperial era and now its considered one of china’a national food. you can find roast duck everywhere in china; prices ranging from as lil as $9 to $50 per duck.
quanjude is a most famous restaurant for the peking roast duck. it was established in 1864 during the Qing Dynasty. i believe there are only about real 8 quanjudes in beijing, but just like other knocked off things in china, you probably can find hundreds of fake quanjudes in town.

the first quanjude is located in qianmen which i have been to couple times when i was little. this quanjude that we went to is located in wangjing.
we ordered a set of meal for 10 people which includes their signature dishes. most of the dishes are made from parts of a duck (liver, stomach, heart, meat, head, etc.).

we had a private room which was well decorated.

i forgot what this is. perhaps duck meat with duck egg yolk.

sweet ribs.

duck liver.

sweet and spicy duck shredded meat?


duck heart?

tofu w/shrimp and mushroom

here comes the duck. the duck is meant to be eaten with sweet bean sauce and spring onions (as pictures) wrapped in pancake.

sea cucumber

chicken (pork belly loves this stuff)


the duck is carved in front of us and served in 3 stages. 1. the skin is served dipped in sugar. it just melts in your mouth. 2. the meat is served with steamed pancakes, spring onions and sweet bean sause. 3. the bone and other leftover on the duck can be made into soup or stir fried. you are also welcomed to take it food to feed your pets if you wish. there is usually a lot of meat left on the duck.

traditional desserts of beijing.

quanjude is very clean and serves traditional peking duck. although their duck is amazing and one of the best, i wouldnt say there is no other place can beat them. i go to da dong a lot for peking duck. da dong’s ducks are jus as fantastic if not better. they also serve a lot of other food which are more interesting than quanju de. if you are looking for a traditional peking duck experience i would recommend you this place, otherwise da dong is also worth to check out!


17 thoughts on “The Most Traditional/Authentic Peking Roast Duck @ Quanjude Beijing, China

  1. Thanks for the “like”. Just had to peek at your pictures, and they are wonderful. I would love to take pictures so well. I will have to get a camera first, though, huh? I’m just using my iPad for now. Thanks again!

  2. We’re visiting Beijing this October, and we’re eating at a Quanjude according to the tour guide. Just hope it would be as yummy as the pictures you posted 🙂

  3. My friend is from Beijing and he took me to a fabulous Peking Duck restaurant when I went to visit. I am not a duck fan, but I LOVED it. I wish I could remember the name of it!! You come from a beautiful city!

  4. Wow, I’ve been to QuanJuDe in Beijing, the one located in Qian Men (less crowded than the WangFuJing one) and it was definitely the best Beijing Duck I’ve ever tasted. Yeah it’s a little expensive (relatively ^_^) but well worth it 🙂

    Nice pictures BTW.

  5. Oh man! I am so craving good Beijing duck right now! My husband and I haven’t had any in 2 years (we found a Chinese restaurant in NH (of all places!) that did it special for us for our rehearsal dinner). It’s something that is sadly, harder to find out where we live now. So yummy!! 🙂

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