Lunch @ Gourmet Dumpling House Chinatown Boston, MA

gourmet dumpling house is probably the most popular restaurant in chinatown. it’s always always packed and always a line outside the restaurant. i wanted to go there couple times to try their famous spicy fish but no way i would wait in line for it. last week i was really craving for spicy fish, so i thought maybe i can do takeout from that place so i dont have to wait in line. when i went to pick up my food at 11:30 am, the restaurant was already packed! really?!?!
guess what!! this is probably one of the best spicy fish ive had in boston if it’s not the BEST!! it actually has the numb taste to it instead of just spiciness. the big plus is: the pre-cooked their cabbage, so the cabbage is very tasty as well. i do not think any other spicy fish places pre-cook their veggies.
im in love with this place already. have been there two times since last week. i also heard the soup dumplings are good as well.

52 Beach St
(between Harrison Ave & Tyler St)
Boston, MA 02111

(617) 338-6223

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2 thoughts on “Lunch @ Gourmet Dumpling House Chinatown Boston, MA

  1. Ooo I’ll have to try this! this was one of ming tsai’s best thing i ever ate (the one from gourmet dumpling) but I always get the one from Dumpling cafe which is really good 🙂

  2. Josh here from the BlinkPack blog. The Dumpling House is one of my favorite restaurants — IN THE WORLD. And yes, the soup dumplings are unbelievably awesome. I wish you all the best with your blogging. Cheers!

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