How to make an Evo IX Fondant Car Cake

5/9 was pork belly’s birfuday so i decided to make him an evo cake. although pork belly drives a s2k, but we also both love evos!!
i did a lot of research on how to make a car cake. i found a lot of pictures of car cakes and watched a lot of youtube videos. a fondant cake would be a better way to make the cake. you can make your own fondant, but since ive never made a cake before so i wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

i bought fondant from blue, white, and a pak of brown and black colors.
2 boxes of cake mix, 2 cans of BUTTER CREAM (1 was enough), milk, 6 eggs, and butter from stop and shop
hello kitty candle from

1st step is to bake the cake duhh. from the instruction on the cake mix, it says to use veggie oil and water. i used butter and milk instead. the fatter the yummier!!
mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix til your arm is super sore. feeeel the burnnn!

then pour the mix into a pan and bake it. while the cake was baking. i cut out the car shape so i can cut the cake into the shape with it.

after the cake is done baking, you wanna cut the cake into layers and spread butter cream in between.

then you wanna cut the cake into the shape of evo

****tips**** freeze your cake or just leave it in the fridge for a while will make the cutting process easier. the cake will get harder therefore easier to cut.

after cutting the cake, cover the entire cake with butter cream. then, leave the cake in the fridge for at least 20 mins. i left it over night because it was getting too late i had to go to bed.

while waiting, roll out your fondant. it’s like play-doh. my hands didnt like the fondant though, i got hives from touching them.

i covered my cake with white fondant first to be a base because i planned to cut out the windows and have the white base showing. you dont have to do this if you dont plan to cut anything out.

then cover with blue fondant.

cut out the unwanted parts and decorate it!



if you wanna glue fondant together, use a little bit of water.
if you want the fondant to be hard and stiff, place it in the fridge for a while. the colder the fondant the harder.

i think im pretty satisfied with how the evo cake turned out esp as my first time. if i had more time and tools, it’d def be much better and more detailed.

so happy birfuday to pork belly. wish he finds a job in bean asap and own an evo soon! i love you foreversu!!!

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