Ramen @ Pikaichi and Super 88 Food Court Allston/Brighton Boston, MA

a friend of mine told me that they sell yang rou chuaner lamb skewer @ super 88 food connection food court, so pork belly and i went there immediately to try it out.

super 88 is accessible by the subway and they also have a parking lot.

it took us a while to find it. it’s located at the corner of the food court. the chinese name of the food stall is called 川鲁园  and the english name is ‘one of the kind’.

the lamb skewers yang rou chuaner are fried instead of grilled. it tasted ok, but not even close to what we had in flushing. they are mad spicy cuz i asked for spicy. you can ask for non-spicy.

we also got pork buns from one of the food stalls. this is jus bbq pork inside buns. very straight forward. nothing special.

i would like to mention that the bubble tea place inside the food court is pretty good. better than a lot of bubble tea places in boston. worth a try.

i also craved for ramen and i know there is a ramen place called pikaichi right inside super 88. the place is tiny so we had to wait about 20 mins. the store is ran by japanese people = good/friendly service.

i got the spicy miso ramen and curry rice combo.

the meat was dry i didnt like it. the ramen was ok, not the best ive had. broth was rich. spicy miso ramen is not my fave ramen, but i always always order it. anything spicy jus sounds so good. cannot resist.

the curry rice was only 2 bux more i think, but there is 0 meat in it. just the curry broth. i did like the texture of the rice. i love japanese sushi rice. so lovely chewy.

pork belly had the pikaichi miso ramen. i think it tasted way better than my spicy miso ramen.

this place gets 3/5 bunny belly

1 Brighton Ave
(at Malvern St)
Allston, MA 02134

Pikaichi on Urbanspoon


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