2941 Restaurant @ Falls Church, VA

2941 restaurant is definitely my fave restaurant in VA. pork belly picked this restaurant for our anniversary last year. the location of 2941 was hard to find. it took us a while to find and we had to call the restaurant for directions. they have complimentary valet parking.
the scenery outside the restaurant was gorgeous. the beautiful waterfalls, gardens, ponds make me feel a getaway from the city.

sorry about my low quality pictures. taken with iphone.

the restaurant has tall windows and high ceilings. ambience is classy and elegant.
service was professional as expected.
the best part of this restaurant is the FOOD. the meal was EXQUISITE. they were also very generous by giving free pre-appetizers and sweets at the end of the meal.
the free pre-appetizers were crab dumplings that the chef made for that night. til this day i still remember exactly how it tasted. i was definitely blown away by how delish they were. the crab meat inside was super juicy and delish. i could taste the ocean.

pork belly had a steak for his entree. im not a huge steak fan, but this simply was the best steak ive tried.

i had a lobster and rabbit entree. it was perfectly cooked. very tender and tasty.

i heard they recently got renovated. i cant wait to go back again and try their tasting menu. this place wasnt cheap, but worth every penny.

2941 Fairview Park Dr
Falls Church, VA 22042
(703) 270-1500

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