Bingsoo @ Between Hours / PC Cafe Boston Allston, MA

i actually hate this place. i would NEVER come to this place if i didnt have to. the bubble tea/milkshakes/smoothies are absolutely the worst in town and i have had enough to judge. the service is horrible and nonexistent. 9.5 out of 10 times i do not want boba in my bubble tea. despite the fact that how horrible their drinks taste, one time i order bubble tea from between hours and asked for no boba, my drink was literally a little bit more than half cup filled. i asked why and she told with a BAD ATITUDE that their drinks were proportional pre-poured so i did not want boba therefore my drink wasnt filled. what kinda BULLSHIT is that? you did not charge me less for no boba so why cant i have my drink filled up. i thought that was super ridiculous. their fro-yo tastes horrible too. there are plenty of better bubble tea and fro-yo places near allston/brighton area, so no way i would want to return to this place esp with the TERRIBLE service and food.

last night, 5 friends and i went to shanghai gate for din din. we headed to between hours because one friend insisted and said the bingsoo (shaved ice) is good.

i shared a green tea bingsoo with my friend. meh, this was ok. wasnt as horrible as other things that they have. they put boba and banana in it which i dont like.

two other friends shared a red bean bingsoo

and my friend has this banana split by himself. i tried some and did not like it. tasted like very cheap ice cream.

while we were there, we had some fun with my iphone fisheye lens.

154 Harvard Ave
(between Brighton Ave & Glenville Ave)
Allston, MA 02134

i went to the hampton beach last weekend and we were stuck in traffic for like 3 and half hours.

it was already 7 when we got there so i just snapped a few pix and left.

it’s summertime chea

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