Island Creek Oyster Bar @ Fenway Boston, MA

i have been trying to eat at island creek oyster bar forever. i could never get a reservation online (opentable) no matter how in advance. the place is huge so i figured no way they are packed every night. one of my college friends was in town; i decided to go to island creek oyster bar without a reservation. we were lucky enough to get a parking spot and seated immediately upon arrival. the place was busy but plenty of empty seats since it’s so huge. i tend to love places that have high ceilings. i really enjoyed the ambience: trendy and classy.

the entire wall is made of oyster shells.

we started off with riesling. wine was ok.

i also wanna mention about their butter. i loved it. so yum with a tint of sweetness.

appetizer. No Shell Prince Edward Island Mussels
white wine cream, garlic, shallots, parsley

this was my fave thing of the entire meal. loved the broth.

my friend tried 3 diff kinds of oysters. their oysters are supposed to be the best oysters in town. my friends thought they were good but a little bit fishy and oysters at neptunes  are def better and more fresh.

Pan Roasted Rhode Island Monkfish
whole grain spaetzle, grilled onion,
lemon caper butter

this was good but nothing amazing.

braised short rib, grilled lobster,
maitake mushrooms, English peas, Pecorino

i ordered this dish because it’s probably the most popular dish here. the pasta itself was NOT so ‘al dente’ but overall wasnt bad.

it was a lil bit salty for my liking. the beef and lobster were well cooked. notice there is ONE french fry in my plate. i wonder if it really came with it?

again, i really liked the ambience of this place. very spacious and relaxing. the food isn’t the greatest food on earth, but i would def come here again to hang out. the open til 1 in the morning.

my fave part of the meal: at the end of the meal we wanted to order more drinks, the waiter poured us 3 free glasses of wine. how awesome was that!?!? free drinks w00t!!!!!

because of this i am giving this place 5/5 bunny belly!!

500 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 532-5300


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