District Taco @ Arlington, VA / Taco Truck

pork belly took me to district taco last weekend. they started with a food truck and now have grown into restaurants at multiple locations in and around VA and DC area.




i liked these tacos a lot! so tasty, bold, flavorful, and spicy. although the meat couldve been better, the ingredients were super fresh as they claim that they are made from scratch each day. the only complain i had was the tortillas were flour tortillas instead of corn tortillas. i just checked out their online menu it says:

On flour tortilla. Corn tortillas available upon request’

i guess i did not see that in the restaurant. remember to ask for corn tortillas if thats what you prefer.

these still cant beat the taco trucks in LA, but i am satisfied. cant ask for more.

this place gets 4.5/5 bunny belly

5723 Lee Hwy
Arlington, VA 22207

(703) 237-1204

District Taco on Urbanspoon

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