Memorial Day Weekend @ Virginia & Washington, DC *pix heavy*

i visited pork belly last weekend in virginia. we had such a great ‘outdoor’ weekend.

saturday we went to the national zoo in DC. we took the train instead of driving there. DC has the creepiest subway ever. so dark and creepy.

panda statue

the zoo is FREE just like other museums in DC

perhaps because it is free. there arent so many animals in the zoo.



there are two pandas: tian tian and mei xiang. this is the first time ive ever since a live non-sleeping panda super close. w00t! the pandas were both eating bamboos. i really think their main meals are not bamboos but meat instead. how can they only eat bamboos and get that fat. they are aggressive diners.

panda was shipped in this cage from china.

some panda porn. they tried to reproduce on their own but couldnt get pregnant 😦

this might be the 1st time ive seen a live owl.

after the zoo, we headed to sweet lobby. although pork belly bought sweet lobby for me a few times, i hadnt been to their real store yet.

see my review: here and here

the store is so tiny. im sorta on a diet so we just got couple things and ate on the spot. the cupcakes were so good when they were fresh.

strawberry champagne + green tea w/ a macaron on top.

check out pork belly’s panty and flies tee in the back :T

after sweet lobby we headed to georgetown. we rented two bikes and biked around.

look what i got lol….. i also bought a bubble bar from lush.

we had dinner @ chasin tails crawfish in arlington and watched the celtics vs. 76ers game 7. the food that night wasnt so good and fresh and the waiter was super slow. meh i don’t know if i will return again.


we went to Shilla to get some bingsoo and bubble tea after hot pot lunch @ Mala Tang 

the green tea bingsoo is a beast. sooo goooddd omg!! the one @ pc cafe in boston is nothing but trash comparing to this.

the shaved ice is so fine + super delish green tea ice cream + mochi + yummy red bean

the pink bubble tea is guava flavored. tasted horrible it went straight to trash.

after yummy bingsoo its time for some biking. pork belly took me to the The Washington and Old Dominion Trail

“The 100-foot-wide W&OD has been called “the skinniest park in Virginia.” But it is also one of the longest parks, 45 miles of paved trail for walking, running, bicycling and skating and 32 miles of adjacent gravel trail for horseback riding. Built on the roadbed of the former Washington & Old Dominion Railroad, the multi-use W&OD Trail runs through the urban heartland and countryside of Northern Virginia.

W&OD Trail Hours: The park is open all year, from dawn to dusk.

Location: The W&OD Trail runs from Shirlington near I-395 to Purcellville in Loudoun County.”


after korean bbq @ honey pig we went to h mart next door to grab some snacks.

korean kit kat knock-offs

pork belly picked up this cuz he thought the expression of the chicken made this looked super good and spicy, but it turned out to be the opposite.

after h mart we went to our fave dessert place again – shilla 

i couldnt resist sampling their bread/bakery. omg so good. heavenly good. i was in paradise.

we also went to hahaPink for sticker photos ❤

after i was super stuffed from sampling all the bread, we headed to great falls park for hiking.

after hiking we drove back to reston center. i got a cupcake from red velvet cupcakery. they only had two flavors left. this chocolate one and carrot cupcake. i hate carrot cake so i didnt have a choice. it was good but nothing so special about it.

also went to Pilango Gelato for some gelato. i got the passion fruit flavor. soooooo goood and refreshingly deflish!!!!! loved loved it!

pork belly was hungry at this point, so he got a beacon burger and cajun fries from five guys. i couldnt resist so i ate half of the fries of course.

thanks to pork belly i had a such fun weekend. i love you ❤

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