Shabu Zen @ Allston/Brighton Chinatown Boston, MA

shabu/hot pot is probably my fave thing to eat in boston. if you ask me what would like to eat, 95% of the time i would say shabu. it’s just so comforting, warm, not so heavy, and simple flavors that are amazing delicious. shabu/hot pot is like fondue where you sit at a table and cook your food in a hot pot as you eat. ive had fondue at the melting pot. although i do like the cheese fondue, the meat fondue is horrible compare to shabu shabu.

i tend to not write reviews for places that i go often, but since i just bought a new camera i wanted to take some test shots with it.

shabu-zen has two locations. i have been going to the chinatown location for years til they opened the one in allston/brighton. now, i go to the allston/brighton location more often because they have a small parking lot in the back of their restaurant and the it is a lot more spacious than the chinatown location.


they have a full bar. ive tried the sake mojitos once. eww.

the bar seats. they do have plenty of tables.

ok. the deliciousness starts here -> the sauce. i believe it’s soy sauce, but they probably diluted with water. i love love dipping things with this sauce. this is why i choose shabu over the regular hot pot because of the sauce!

the broth. they have a few variaties. i usually get the chinese spicy – sichuan style. it’s not really spicy and numbing like the real sichuan broth, but good enough.

Finest USDA Prime Rib Eye of Beef

Seafood Platter

i usually get the surf and turf which includes seafood platter with your choice of beef, chicken, pork, or lamb.

all courses come with assorted vegetable plate and a choice of udon noodle, vermicelli, or steamed jasmine rice. i always always get vermicelli.


you can also order more veggies or other stuff on the side.
we ordered taro and fish paste. i always always get fish paste. yummm.


at the end of the meal they always bring you this free red bean soup dessert. it’s the perfect way to end the meal. i come here at least 4-5 times per month. service is very friendly, but sometimes they get very busy and could be a hustle to get their attention. overall, i love this place.

80 Brighton Ave
(between Reedsdale St & Linden St)
Allston, MA 02134
(617) 782-8888

16 Tyler St
(between Beach St & Kneeland St)
Boston, MA 02111
Neighborhood: Chinatown
(617) 292-8828

Shabu-Zen on Urbanspoon

Shabu-Zen on Urbanspoon


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