Sushi @ Yoki Boston Station Landing Medford, MA

i have 2 friends live in station landing, so we go to yoki a lot. yoki actually got a lot better over the past year or so. i used to hate yoki due to their unbelievable slow service and average sushi, but now their service got a lot better and faster. i dont remember if they had a bar when they first opened, but now there is a bar and a few TVs which is perfect to watch a sports game. the atmosphere is casual and modern.



i jus grabbed a quick lunch before i headed to my hair appointment.
Pork and vegetable dumplings – were ok.

Red Sox Maki
Tuna, cucumber and avocado roll topped with fresh sliced tuna and a mixture of tempura flakes and baked chopped eel. Finished with tobiko, scallion and glazed sweet sauce and spicy mayo.
i personally hate sushi with mayo. i would ask for no mayo if i order this by myself.


Spicy Tuna Maki and Alaska Maki


the sushi they serve is relatively fresh. you never have to wait for seats. if you live close by and like sushi, it’s worth to check it out.

btw, i just got a new camera -> canon 5d mark II. ive been wanting this camera forever. i was deciding between this camera or a nice purse for my birfuday; i guess this was a much wiser decision. (my birfuday isnt til august (: )although 5d mark iii is out already, paying 1k for that i think its unnecessary since i am no where close to a pro yet. 5d mark ii should be good enough for me now. i already started wanting more lenses. i got the EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens which is decent all-around lens and its a good deal to purchase with the body. i also have a fisheye lens from pork belly since he sold his body. now i can finally take more sophisticated pictures! w00t w00t!!

62 Station Landing
Medford, MA 02155
(617) 381-6688

btw, 6/25 is their anniversary and they are offering 50% your entire bill when you dine in! mark your calendar !! i cant miss this awesome deal!

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