Food Truck: The Chicken & Rice Guys

the chicken & rice guys have launched their food truck since april in boston; i finally got a chance to go today. i love the chicken & rice in NYC ! i was really hoping that this boston version of chicken & rice is good. today i went to their BU Bridge location. when i got there there wasnt a line which i was kinda surprised. the 2 guys are very friendly and nice. we brought coco along and they gave us a box of chicken for coco to eat. coco loved it, but we couldnt have her eat too much cuz she just had diarrhea last week so she is still on a strict diet.
meet coco ->






we ordered the chicken and lamb combo and piled up with the glorious white sauce and hot sauce.


we had our hands full holding coco and my camera. they actually helped us delivering the food to the bench without even us asking. aw how nice of them.

my friend has never had the chicken and rice in NYC yet, so she loved it. although i think they still cant beat the chicken and rice in NYC yet, the white sauce is pretty close. the chicken and lamb couldve been better, a little bland. overall, it was a good meal. plus their super nice service i’d def come back for more.

best of the luck to them!

check out their facebook page for locations and hours






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