Guchi’s Midnight Ramen @ jm Curley Boston, MA

my life in boston can never be completed because i cannot find two things: good ramen and tacos. Guchi’s Midnight Ramen has been in the spotlight for a while and ive been wanting to go for a long time. the two words ‘handmade noodles’ are enough to make me drool over on my keyboard.

(yea im not gonna go into details about their venture and concepts cuz i feel like everybody is talking about it, if you really dont know jus google it and i bet 100 pgs would pop-up)

‎4 yrs of skills that I got from registering classes in college finally paid off; i managed to score tix on chea

this time they were taking over jm Curley. the light in the dinning room was extremely dark which made it very challenging for my photos.





we opted for the beverage pairing.
sake gelee, orange-shiso gremolata, ginger juniper dust – jelly texture, tasted exactly like the description

Braised Pork Belly Buns with cilantro, peanuts, pickles.
i absolutely loved this. the pork was braised perfectly it reminds me of my grandma’s braised pork. melts in your mouth and not a bit of greasiness. i usually hate eating fat, i hate the texture and the taste of greasiness, but i did love this pork bun. oh and the bun, handmade and the dough was very well prepared.

it deserves a second look

crispy bacon, runny egg, parmesan.
this was my fave out of all three. it’s weird because im not a big bacon fan. bold bacon flavor. mildly smoked and not overly salted with a hint of sweetness.

the noodles were heavenly. chewy, moistened, firm, ‘al dente’! loved the texture of the handmade noodles. this reminded me of my grandma again. in our family, non-handmade noodles are definitely NOT acceptable. i have grown up eating all my noodles handmade. after moving to boston, i stopped eating noodles because the saggy texture of non-handmade noodles just grosses me out.


traditional mazamen
char siu, bamboo, scallions, shochu, combier, grapefruit, shiso, salt air


crab and roasted tomato- shiso, nori, lemon
buttery and delish

beverage pairing
sake, hendricks gin, lillet rose, seasonal berries.
taste of fresh berries stood out

shochu, combier, grapefruit, shiso, salt air.
citrusy and summery

sorbet, lychee, lime, coconut

at the end of the meal we were very satisfied. i really wish guchi’s midnight ramen can happen more often and become more available. i can totally eat this everyday haha. i would also wanna try their ramen with broth. cant wait to come back again.

guchi n me

and squirrel.

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