Sushi Feast @ Yoki Boston Medford, MA

i blogged about yoki’s having 50% off everything today for their 5th anniversary in my last yoki review. how can i pass on a deal like this, so today i went with 2 friends to ready have a feast. we got there around 5:30 after work (yay for workin from home), we had wait for couple mins for a table. wow really? you never have to wait for a table at yoki esp monday nites.

yoki started to get packed around 7:00. looks like every asian in boston came to yoki tonight. i expected it to be busy, but def not crazy busy like this. i wonder how people know about it cuz it seems they are not advertising it anywhere.

i think yoki is just an average sushi place, i really wouldnt come here often if i didnt live close. i did want to take advantage today to order a few things i wouldnt normally order.

Tuna Tataki
Fresh tuna thinly sliced and torched to perfection.
Served with scallion, Daikon radish, and Ponzu sauce – was only ok, liked the ponzu sauce.


Scallops and crab sticks baked in
spicy mayo, with tobiko and enoki mushrooms – FAIL. ginza in watertown is wayyyyyyy better, this cant even compare.

Celtics Maki
Unagi and cucumber roll topped with a mixture of crispy tempura flakes and spicy crunchy tuna. Finished with fresh sliced avocado, tobiko, scallion, and glazed with sweet sauce and spicy mayo.

Midori Maki
Yellowtail, salmon, and tuna roll topped with wasabi tobiko and scallions.

Alaska Maki
Salmon, cucumber and avocado

tuna, white tuna, tamago, and eel sushi

Patriots Maki
White tuna and cucumber maki topped with shiso leaf and 3 types of fish. Finished with rainbow tobiko and glazed mango sauce.

Green Tea Tempura Ice Cream

our bill: 19 something per person. AMAZING!

YOKI why cant you have an anniversary event every month!

62 Station Landing
Medford, MA 02155
(617) 381-6688

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