Takeout @ Guadalajara Grill Boston Malden, MA

the search for good tacos continues. i drive pass by Guadalajara Grill everyday because i live down the street from it. it is in a weird location. no parkings, not even street parkings. although it is very close to malden center subway station, besides the DD next door, its pretty much isolated.
i thought it’s a small take-out place, but it’s actually pretty nice inside. it wasn’t busy during din din time probably because they just opened and not a lot people know about it. the people that work there are really friendly. while i was waiting for my food at the bar, a lady sat close to me raved about how good their food is and offered me to try their salsa and chip. she said the salsa is very close to the one she had in mexico. it was nice and spicy, but i wouldnt know cuz ive never been to mexico.

the food was still super hot when i got home. the beef was on the more tender side comparing to average beef tacos. it tasted more like a savory meal than tacos if you know what i mean.



i believe the salsa was for my chips, but i put it in my tacos since i didnt want to eat the chips.


homemade complimentary chips. these were still hot when i got home as well. too bad i am on a diet and couldnt eat them.


i think it was a good meal, but i wouldnt put them on my good tacos list. very nice and clean restaurant, friendly staff, fast service, nice and hot meal. i will come back again to try more.

Category: Mexican
2 Florence St
Malden, MA 02148
(781) 288-3004

2 thoughts on “Takeout @ Guadalajara Grill Boston Malden, MA

  1. hey bunny!

    i am a really big fan of your blog. i think we are definitely on the same page with what food is actually good in boston. there’s a lot of hype for some restaurants here, when in fact, their food is terrible.

    for authentic mexican tacos, i seriously think there is only one place in boston. try out taqueria jalisco in east boston. it’s way better than anna’s or whatever else there is in cambridge.

    also, have you had the chili miso fish at zoe’s in cambridge? it seems like it’d be something right up your alley. also, they’re byob so you can bring your own wine/beer/etc.

    i’m looking forward to more posts!

    – a

    1. a, thanks so much for your kind comment haha. actually, a friend of mine has mentioned that place in east boston to me. ive been dying to check it out! byob is awesome, i didnt know they had byob restaurants in boston! wow thanks for info. they are definitely on my list now!!

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