Toki Underground @ Washington, DC

toki underground is a very popular ramen joint in DC. according to yelp, the wait could be up to 2 hours.


last nite, pork belly and i went there late. surprisingly there was no wait; we got seats at the bar right away.




they offer beers that you dont usually find at other places. the tokyo black tasted like guinness. taiwan beer was nice and light.


this tastes like blue moon.




pork dumplings- you get to choose how they are cooked. pan fried, boiled, or deep fried. we had pan fried. they were really juice and tasty. so good. even better, half dozen was only $5 bux! best $5 bux you can ever spend at a restaurant!




toki hataka classic – noodles were good although couldve been a lil bit more chewy. rich and tasty broth. a lot of meat. runny egg.






the food was really good, but i dont know if i would wanna wait for 2 hours for it. come on a late sunday night, you wont have to wait for too long.

1234 H Street, NE (above The Pug)
Washington, DC 20002
T (202) 388-3086
S,M,T,W: Food 5p-10p / Bar: 5p-2a
TH,F,S: Food 5p-12a / Bar: 5p-3a
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3 thoughts on “Toki Underground @ Washington, DC

  1. Wonderful entry. Serious kudos on the pictures. Toki is always so dark to take excellent pics. You guys have done a great job of it. What’s your secret? Looking forward to more of your posts!

    1. thanks a lot haha. yea the lighting was bad, but couldve been worse. a decent camera would allow me to take somewhat good pix at low light settings. a lens with relatively low aperture would be good. this was shot with a f4 i believe. f1.8 wouldve been nicer. and the rest is the magic of photoshop 🙂 hope that helps

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