Sushi Taro @ Dupont Circle Washington, DC

hot shot pork belly just got promoted after working at his current job for less than a year. so proud of my baby. BUT the downside to it is he isnt moving to boston in august anymore like we planned because the promotion was too good to say no 😥 anyways, we went out to celebrate on badget before the 1st big fat check comes in.


sushi taro in DC we went. i think i just found my FAVE restaurant in DC! the meal was so awesome. sushi was one of the best ive ever had. fish was one of the freshest. the price was very reasonable. dessert menu was epic comparing to average japanese restaurant.


according to yelp reviews, they have happy hour from 5:30-7pm on a weekday, i think sushi and drinks are half off at this bar. that just sounds too awesome. i have to come back and have a feast during happy our one of these days!





there is a private room/sushi counter (yea they dont call it sushi bar) that you can reserve. the waitress said the wait is about a month and you can send them an email for reservation of that room. one of these days i need to come back and eat at the sushi counter!

10 hrs braised pork belly in sweetened soy. omg it smelled amazing when it arrived. melts in your mouth. perfect texture and flavor. it’s something that my aunt makes. if a person doesnt eat fat loves it it says something. delishhhhhhh

come on just look at it

omakase sushi. fish was soooo fresh. even a lot fresher than pabu that we had couple days ago. it is cheaper than pabu as well. i wish i could come back everyday.



very fresh uni


prawn was delish

handmade fresh soba

hoji cha pudding- baked green tea pudding with caramel. this was fantastic. thick but yummy flavor. usually japanese restaurants only serve mochi ice cream or some sort for desserts, but sushi taro actually offers a great selection of desserts. a lot of them looked attempting. i cant wait to go back and try them all.







i loved this place. it gets a full 5/5 bunny belly.
thanks to hot shot pork belly for picking out another great restaurant and congrats on the promotion. i love you!

Categories: Sushi, Japanese
1503 17th St NW
(between N P St & N Church St)
Washington, DC 20036
Neighborhood: Dupont Circle
(202) 462-8999

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