Legal Harborside @ Waterfront Boston, MA

we went to nantasket beach yesterday. it’s actually pretty close to boston. the beach wasn’t that nice, but the water is clearer and warmer than hampton. cooked my bunny belly under the sun for a few hours then we decided to head back to boston for some FOOD!

my friend Eric suggested the legal seafood  in waterfront. legal seafood really? well, he said this is the good one, right on water bla bla  so i was convinced to go. we made a reservation right before heading there.

so basically this is the flagship of legal seafood. they named it legal harborside. it’s in waterfront located in the seaport district. it has three floors and each floor has its own concept. the 1st floor is just the regular legal seafood menu. the 2nd floor serves the fancier stuff and you can dine on the balcony which we did. the 3rd floor is a rooftop lounge.

guess what, i forgot to bring my CAMERA! aiyaaaa ;'(  so im gonna steal a pic from their website ;P

the entrees were 30-50 $$ each and appetizers were about 10-20 $$, so we opted for the tasting menu.

i wasnt gonna take pix cuz im too good to snap with my iphone (jk), but the presentation of food actually looked pretty good.  so here it is


grilled rare hiramasa, niçoise style


alaskan king crab cake, chorizo aioli


sweet pea soup, seared diver scallop, brown butter foam


then we had

pan roasted arctic char, grilled green garlic tapenade, cockles, braised baby fennel, romesco – very nice crisp skin

orange vanilla creamsicle

these are not pictured because by the time we had those, it got so dark already. the dinner lasted almost 3 hours because of extremely slow service. the food is def better than your average legal seafood and the view was very enjoyable, but the it still has the average sucky chain restaurant service. very rude, chaotic, slow service. they even brought us the wrong food. wine was not so good either.

it’s a good place to bring a date, but i’d def explore more places in the seaport district before i return to this one.

hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe weekend and happy monday!!!!!!

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Legal Harborside
Categories: Seafood, Wine Bars
270 Northern Ave
2nd Fl
(between Boston Fish Pier & Trilling Way)
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 477-2900

few pix from the weekend!

my friend had a move-in party at her new apt.

my famous honey chicken wings. Eric bought these steaks. sooooo good!



i saw this @ h mart in burlington. man i really wanted to try. maybe next time.

eric tryna open oysters without the tool

pool side chillen with the cutie

pool time

more pool time


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