New Ginza @ Boston Watertown, MA

i havent been to new ginza forever. my friend lives near watertown so we decided to go to new ginza for some sushi.







their service is mehhh and relatively slow. the quality of their food is better than their service, but after this visit, i doubt i will come back again unless im really in the area.
their selection of fish is already very limited. i was trying to order uni and scallop nigiri, but they did not have them. if you dont have them, dont put on the menu duh. i was depressed cuz i couldnt have my uni. i hate when restaurant is not consistent with their supplies. waste of my time and a good meal where i can get else where.

isobe age – white fish, crab stick, flying fish roe, avocado and shitake mushroom wrapped in layers.
i ordered the wrong one, i didnt mean to order this, but it turned out not so bad. we enjoyed it.

hokkaiyaki – large scallop with mayo on the shell with crab stick – i like this a lot. much much much better than yoki’s


waiting for our sushi, took forever to come.





our sushi finally came.

the messed up my order and had to go back to change it. 😦
tuna, hirame, ebi, hamachi, tai. the fish was relatively fresh, but i dont why it tasted like dish wash soap. the rice was a lil bit salty for sushi rice so it’s overpowering the fish and made the fish tasted bland.


boston maki without mayo


this visit was somewhat disappointing. new ginza gets 3.5/5 bunny belly.

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Category: Sushi Bars
65 Galen St
Watertown, MA 02472
(617) 923-2100

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