Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe @ Chelmsford, MA Boston

ive been wanting to go to gene’s chinese flatbread cafe ever since last winer when they first opened, but they are 35 miles away from where i live. last night i finally decided to drive that 35 miles, thats 70 miles around trip!! guess what?! hands down best handmade noodles in boston!!!

gene’s chinese flatbread cafe specializes in shan xi food. they are known for their handmade noodles. menu is very simple, but everything looks ridiculously good.




羊肉泡馍 lamb stew is one of my all time fave dish. they dont have this anywhere in boston. this is mainly the reason that brought me here.
they give you two pieces of bread and you have to break them into lil pieces yourself.


then you give it back to them so they can add the lamb soup for you. this is not china good, but im satisfied. you gotta eat it with vinegar. a lot of vinegar.

hand pulled noodles. this was my fave overall. the noodles was super super super chewy. omggggg. perfectly seasoned with red peppers, oil, vinegar, and garlic. my breath still smells like garlic jejejejje. must try!!


handmade cold noodles. this was awesome too! chewy noodles with tasty sauce. perfect for summer! refreshing and tasty.


pork flatbread. maybe i was super full already, maybe i just dont like pork much. this was average. i might try the beef one next time.

lamb chuan er. this was fried. the owner said they grill them on weekend! man i really want to try !!!

oh man we were super stuffed. the owner was amazed by how much we ate. totally worth the 70 miles drive. i will come back again!





257 Littleton Rd
Chelmsford, MA 01824
(978) 256-6789
Tue-Sun 11 am – 8 pm

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8 thoughts on “Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe @ Chelmsford, MA Boston

      1. hey hey, my girlfriend and i drove all the way here from cambridge. last night after your rec.

        we got the lamb stew and the hand pulled noodles. super good. the sauce on the noodles was great.

        thanks for the tip!

  1. been here about 10 times since stumbling on your blog about this place. been following your blog since as well. went today at lunch to find full parking lot, every seat filled. yay Gene!

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