Maki Maki @ Allston/Brighton Boston and Crane Beach Ipswich, MA

herro !!!!
we have been going to the beach every sunday for the past 4 weekends now. we went to crane beach Ipswich, MA today. crane beach is so awesome. it’s relatively close to boston. i guess not a lot people know about it so its not so crowded as other beaches. there was absolute no traffic on our way there. very well organized. plenty of parkings although you have to pay $25 per car its def worth it! the water is pretty clear and no rocks on the beach. i think its even better than most beaches on the cape.

i highly recommend crane beach!! it’s the best ive been in MA and NH so far. let me know if you guys know any other good beaches around.




290 Argilla Rd
Ipswich, MA 01938

on the way to the beach we stopped by panera bread my fave place to get some breakfast. i had this lobster roll. love it cuz it has no mayo on it!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooohoooo!! i hate mayo.

after a hard day chillin on the beach doing nothing, everyone was starving. my friend suggested to check out maki maki in brighton. i thought its a ghetto sushi buffet place, but it actually looks nicer than i expected. it’s similar to minado but with less selections but cheaper price tag. the fish isnt as fresh as minado in general, but i think minado’s food quality is def going downhill.


all desserts sucked except the ice cream.

304 Western Ave
(between Everett St & Callahan Pl)
Brighton, MA 02134
Neighborhood: Allston/Brighton
(617) 783-1888

hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a few reviews to post soon!


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