Basho Japanese Brasserie @ Fenway Boston, MA

i wanted try basho for a while because they have yakitori, but the yakitori didnt look too good when i looked up reviews so i’ve been putting it off.

recently, i saw they were featured on livingsocial so i bought one. 25$ for $50. actually the deal is still on for the next 18 hours. 


this place reminds me of dinning halls…

sapporo draft i like

uni, spicy tuna,
rainbow roll – shrimp, crab stick, tobiko, spicy mayo wrapped with tuna, salmon, white fish and avocado.
crunchy roll – fried onion, cucumber, spicy crumb wrapped with tuna, tobiko, salmon, salmon roe, touch of mango sauce.

uni at 3 bux each is a bargain, biggest piece ive seen, but it tasted just ok.

maki rolls were ok? i didnt enjoy them too much. i think even yoki makes better maki rolls.


tsukune, scallops, mushroom, chicken thigh robata.

chicken tasted weird, but i did like the scallops and mushroom.


i do not think i would return again. food was disappointing even with livingsocial discount.

i’ve posted on my facebook and twitter before. they do have Happy Hour from 3pm-6pm with Late Night from 10pm-11:30pm daily.

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Categories: Japanese, Sushi Bars
1338 Boylston St
(between Jersey St & Yawkey Way)
Boston, MA 02215
Neighborhood: Fenway
(617) 262-1338

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One thought on “Basho Japanese Brasserie @ Fenway Boston, MA

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