Pomodoro @ North End Boston, MA

went to pomodoro with my friend last night. i had high expectations of this place not only because its high ratings but also they have my fave pasta dish fra diavolo. i think this place is impossible for walk-ins. i tried couple times before but the wait was incredible long. i called in and made a reservation this time. ->(617) 367-4348

very cramped and uncomfortable seating. our table wasnt even stable.




wine list is lame. i wanted a glass of sparkling but they were out of it.

fresh olive oil and warm bread.

mussels- average.

pomodoro’s antipasto – not bad. i did like the red peppers stuffed with tuna.


i was already full by the time i had my seafood fra diavolo. the sauce was good. generous amount of seafood. BUT the pasta itself sucked! super soggy. i hate soggy pastas. big disappointment.

zuppa di pesce – seafood stew. this was good. flavor wasn’t too strong. not super heavy.

they do not have a dessert menu, but they do have complimentary tiramisu. not the best but i wont complain. nice ending to the meal.

pomodoro is the better than a lot of restaurants in the north end, but def not on top of my list. i think i would come again and try other non pasta dishes. price is reasonable, service is friendly.

this place gets 3.5/5 bunny belly

Category: Italian
319 Hanover St
(between Bennet St & Fleet St)
Boston, MA 02113
Neighborhood: North End
(617) 367-4348

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2 thoughts on “Pomodoro @ North End Boston, MA

  1. where is there actually good italian in boston? it shouldn’t be so hard to find right? i’ve still never found a place i really wanted to go to.

    1. def not many, but i do like Basta Pasta Trattoria in Cambridge. their shrimp fra diavolo is decent. they dont have homemade pasta either but the texture is def better than pomodoro’s. i also like Taranta Cucina Meridionale in the North End. the pasta is really firm ‘al dente’ if thats what you like, but i find their food extremely salty. prezza in the north end isnt bad either. im addicted to their passion fruit creme brulee. i could be biased haha. i like neptune too but it isnt really ‘italian’. the wait is cray.

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