Best Tacos in Bean @ Taqueria Jalisco East Boston, MA

i knew it!i knew it!i knew it!!!!!! i knew boston had good tacos!!!!!!!! and i finally found it today!!!!
i went to taqueria jalisco a mexican joint today upon the recommendation of a/alex!!! (omg thanks so much)!! alex is the man! he knows all the good places to eat in boston!!! i was totally amazed by the tacos. it feels like finding MY TRUE LOVE. im still in shock how amazing theese tacos are! why in the world i didnt come here any sooner!!!

taqueria jalisco is a small mexican joint. it’s so clean and cozy. the lady is EXTREMELY NICE and FRIENDLY. i told her i wanted some tacos to go. their menu is in spanish. she opened the menu and explained to me what each meat is without me even asking her to do so. she packed my food so nicely. it really shows that she actually cares about their food and what she does! what a nice lady!


oh man these tacos.
pollo – the chicken is heavenly ridiculously incredibly TENDER!! TENDER!! TENDER!! TENDER!! big chunks bouncy, juicy, tasty meat! omgggg
i would never expect taco meat to be this gooood!!! perfectly flavored/marinated. and those corn tortillas yummmmmmm ummmmm!!! tacos are $2.25. BEST $2.25 IVE EVER SPENT IN MY LIFE.



lengua – again, extremely TENDER!

carnitas – extremely TENDER!!!!!!!!!

their full menu!


oh man im still so excited that i found this place! big shout out to a/alex! Thanks so much for supporting my blog and recommending so many good places to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep the good recommendations coming! i cant wait to check the rest of places that he mentioned!!!!!!!!!!

this place gets 1000000/5 bunny belly!

Category: Mexican
291 Bennington St
(between Chelsea St & Bremen St)
Boston, MA 02128
Neighborhood: East Boston
(617) 567-6367

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5 thoughts on “Best Tacos in Bean @ Taqueria Jalisco East Boston, MA

  1. Truly authentic Mexican food is a wonder to experience. If the menu is in Spanish then it’s authentic. We have one here in Lincoln NE, that reminds me, we’re going tonight. Thanks for following my blog.

  2. Montreal has a few fantastic taquerias. Whenever my Mexican students are homesick, I always take them out for tacos. I think they’re more surprised at the quality and authenticity than I am. Btw, the salsa verde on your tacos look superb!!

  3. I will definitely visit this taqueria! I love authentic Mexican tacos. And your photos are gorgeous. Thank you for all the information you have collected on this blog!
    All the best– D. (from HomenDunRoamin)

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