French Macarons @ Ladurée Upper East Side New York, NY



i’ve gotten macarons from Ladurée as gifts a few times before, but this is actually my 1st time buying macarons from Ladurée myself. (oh, actually no, i made pork belly pay for it jeje). this store is very touristy, long wait, well jus like other stores in manhattan.


if you are not familiar with Ladurée, it’s one of the most famous/best in the world. they are directly shipped from paris. i can’t tell you if it’s the best cuz i havent had a chance to try pierre hermé yet, but from all the macarons ive tried, laurée def makes the most perfect macaron. perfect texture, sweetness. moist, melts in your mouth. the almond power/flour taste isnt overwhelming. HOWEVER, i do find the flavors of their macarons a little boring. macarons are not supposed to be chewy, but i do like some chewy macarons. hey, it’s my stomach, i make the rules.




when i got macarons from ladurée as gifts, they all came with these fancy boxes, but i didnt know these boxes cost extra money. if you only buy a few pieces and do not wanna pay these fancy boxes, they only give u a paper bag. macarons are so delicate i dont think its a good idea unless you are gonna eat them on the spot. they do give u a free box if you buy 8 pieces which i did. $2.7 a piece.







this box i got as a gift

if you are looking for macarons to buy in greater boston area, macaron sweeterie in Lextington sells them. i highly recommend the passion fruit flavor!

sweet dreams everyone! hope y’all had a good weekend! i have a few posts coming up!

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864 Madison Ave

(between 72nd St & 71st St)

New York, NY 10021
Neighborhood: Upper East Side
(646) 558-3157

11 thoughts on “French Macarons @ Ladurée Upper East Side New York, NY

  1. Great photos! Did you have to sneak the ones inside the store? I’ve gotten scolded at Ladurées in both Paris and NYC for trying taking a photo.

  2. The pictures were worth sneaking- they turned out great! I was so excited when Laduree came to NYC… then felt a little blasphemous when I thought they were just so-so. Pretty packaging, though!

  3. I just visited Laduree in Paris and really enjoyed the vanilla and almond macaroons. The packaging and decor really make for a fun atmosphere! I definitely plan to try out the store in NYC the next time I’m up there!

  4. I prefer Hediard or Fauchon (Place Madeline) but if I’m honest the boulangerie in Avenue de Suffren takes some beating and they are a lot less expensive. No fancy boxes though, just plain white ones.

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