Dim Sum @ Sun Kong Malden, MA Boston

sun kong is literally down the street from where i live. pork belly loves dim sum, so sometimes we are too lazy to go to hei la moon in chinatown we come to sun kong. sun kong is pretty busy on weekends. if you come during lunch time, its guaranteed a wait. parking is way better than chinatown. they have a private lot in the back, but it does get full quickly. i can always find a spot to squeeze my car somewhere tho.


honestly, the dim sum isn’t bad, not as good as hei la moon, but def better than winsor dim sum cafe in chinatown.

DO NOT EVER COME HERE FOR TAKE OUT THO. ive gotten takeout from here twice since i stopped going to Fuloon because the quality of their food is really bad nowadays. 1st time i got bitter melon with chicken, it’s not on the menu. so they totally ripped me off. i think i paid $12 for that. a lunch portion entree with rice from a chinese restaurant really?! that’s not the worst part yet. i specifically asked for chicken and repeated myself that i want chicken! 鸡!when i got home i found out they gave me pork instead! what if im muslim?! they totally don’t give a shit about their customers and food. im not even gonna mention how bad it tasted. 2nd time, i ordered beef broccoli. cant be any simpler than beef broccoli right? i thought i couldnt go wrong with beef broccoli right? im totally WRONG. they gave me chinese broccoli! really? even panda express knows how to make beef broccoli. the chinese broccoli was hard like grass. the beef was low quality meat. sun kong, why you make my life way harder than it already is. that’s it. wont ever return for anything other than dim sum.

ok enough trash talking. back on the dim sum

carts pushing actions

shrimp with chives. my no.1 fave

crab claws – pork belly loves that

shrimp thingy

my no. 2 fave. more shrimp thingy. this is only ok at sun kong

shrimp dumplings, not the best but acceptable.

pork belly no.1 fave. pork shao mai

we usually eat a lot more than this but we were trying to save our stomach so we can eat more in NYC. one time we spent $90 on dim sum. just two of us. thats enough to eat 2 families. yea we are pigs.

Category: Chinese, dim sum
275 Eastern Ave
Malden, MA 02148
(781) 388-9900

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3 thoughts on “Dim Sum @ Sun Kong Malden, MA Boston

  1. Next time I’m in Boston I need to check this out! Every time I’m craving Dim Sum in Boston we always end up at Winsor in Chinatown. How does this place measure up?

    1. oh i dont like winsor, it’s not fresh. this place is ok, i go there just because it’s close to my house, if you are in boston again, check out hei la moon in chinatown, i think it’s the best around.

  2. you don’t happen to be trying out every foodplace there? because if you were, i am buying my ticket and boarding that plane for a week-long of food happiness…. YUM!

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