Desserts @ Max Brenner Back Bay Boston, MA

went to toraya @ arlington for din din again. since when i started drinking beer. smh. i need to stop otherwise my bunny belly will soon turn into pork belly.


pan fried beef tongue. decent.


sushi deluxe.


toraya didnt have any desserts today. i wanted to go to LA burdick but they close at 9pm, so we headed to max brenner in the back bay.

max brenner is alright. not the best, but def better than finale and i couldnt think of anything else at that moment.


hot mug- hot chocolate


the melting chocolate truffle heart cake & shake – Milk & white chocolate heart cake served with creamy vanilla ice cream, red berries and an iced milk chocolate shot

chocolate surprise tiramisu – espresso soaked ladyfingers, mascarpone cream, red berries & a layer of chocolate truffle
presentation is interesting, but it tasted alright.

chocolate fondue. supposedly with other fruits, but i only asked for strawberry.

max brenner is good for a quick dessert, but nothing too special. quality of chocolate is ok. not impressive though. i’d go to LA burdick for chocolates.

Categories: Desserts, American (Traditional), Chocolatiers and Shops
745 Boylston St
(between Fairfield St & Exeter St)
Boston, MA 02116
Neighborhood: Back Bay
(617) 274-1741

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